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What is Press Release Submission in SEO?

Press Release Submission is an Off-Page SEO method. In this, we can write about business affairs, activities and products of the enterprise. After writing, we submit it to the PR submission websites or directories. It helps to publicize the company’s products and services on the net and also improves the SEO of our website. It should be enlightening, expressive and most importantly contain pertinent keywords. Because it all helps to generate interests in the readers.

As a result, more and more users will come and read your submissions. Additionally, we can use this to share the news alike content with our users.

What are the benefits of Press Release Submission?

Provide benefits for a longer period

The life of the online press releases is very long. It provides many benefits for the upcoming years.

Helps to build Goodwill

These websites help to build an online reputation as well as increases the confidence of your visitors.

It helps to reduce marketing expenditure

Publishing business news or events at regular intervals helps search engines to easily detect and index your website. Thus, it helps you to avoid spending too much on online marketing.

Helps to drive traffic and boosts sales

Firstly perform good research on the keywords, select them and include in your content. As it helps you to attract traffic to your website. And also helps to convert your regular customers into a revenue-generating customer.

It helps to create inbound links

It is one of the wonderful ways to get backlinks for your website.

Important points keep in your mind when writing it:

  • Your headline should be catchy, clear and appropriate. Because it makes easier for users to easily guess what your content is about and why they would read it? You can also include subheading below the main heading if you want.
  • In your press release include a minimum of 3 long paragraphs. The first paragraph, which is the opening paragraph. The second paragraph which is supporting and final paragraph which highlights the summary.
  • Also, try to include good quotes from business experts.
  • You must include vital information in the first paragraph. Such as Who? , What?, Where? Etc. Here, the purpose is to attract the user’s attention and create interests.
  • However, the details like city, month and year etc. appears before the beginning of sentences. Because they are also important components in press release submission. It’s all up to you whether you want to write at the top left or top right.
  • In the second paragraph, write significant and detailed information. Such as interesting details, facts, figures and quotes etc.
  • Finally, in the last paragraph, provide information like a description of the enterprise, general and background info etc.
  • Try to avoid these words, for example, our, we etc. as it implies this is not written by you.
  • Decide when you want to publish it? If you want to publish it later mentions the date. As it makes easier for your user because they already know about the release date.
  • There is also an option that you can use boilerplate at the end of the press release. It is a small paragraph which tells about the company’s recognition and its work.
  • Last but not least, check all the grammatical and spelling errors and rectify them. Because press release with too much error is not good for you.

Steps to Submit Press Release Submission

  • Firstly, find the high domain authority PR submission websites and make a list.
  • Visit one of the above sites and create your account thereby entering email id, password etc.
  • After creating an account, verify your account.
  • Now log in using email and password. Click on Submit the Press Release.
  • Fill all the necessary details like headline, summary, keywords etc.
  • When you submit it, you have to wait. Admin of that website first check it and verify. If he found it unique and significant, he will approve and publish it on its website.

Note: Some websites offer some discount packages for their services also.

Here are some high domain authorities Press Release Submission Websites: