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What is RSS Feed Submission?

RSS Feed Submission is an OFF page SEO activity. In this, we have to submit the RSS feeds to the RSS submission directory websites. The full form of RSS is Rich Site Summary and sometimes also known as Really Simple Syndication. It also helps to improve your ranking in major search engines like Google.

The RSS feed includes the latest content of your site such as updated images, links and videos etc. If users find your updates (content) more useful, then maybe they can subscribe to your RSS feed. As a result, you will be able to drive good traffic to your website and generate backlinks as well. Thus, if you want your user to get notification about the latest content posted on your website, then RSS is a good option.

It can be an audio, video, blog and article etc and also known as a web feed. In this off-page activity, we publish the same article to different article directories for publication.

In fact, RSS is an Extensive markup language file(XML). It includes our website’s information in the form of URLs. However, users can see it in the form of summarized text. Simply, you can also subscribe to RSS feed. You just need to enter feed’s URL into a feed reader and give the details it requires. All the information provided by you is automatically submitted and updated. Hence, you do not need to manually add you web pages. For example, receiving news, updates and notifications etc on mobiles while doing something different.

What are the Benefits of RSS Feed Submission?

Users can get updates of the latest content automatically when the author publishes new content.

RSS feed submission helps to broadcast the content to all of its subscribers. It means whenever you publish the content, there is no need to submit the articles to article directories manually.

It helps you to generate high-quality backlinks and also helps to drive a good amount of traffic.

If you want to popularize your website, then you must publish good and fresh content by submitting RSS feeds.

Try to include important keywords in the RSS feeds because it helps to improve the website’s ranking.

It also helps you to attract new readers who are searching for info which is related to your content.

The latest information immediately reaches to your subscribers. This helps you to hold your readers and also increases the trustworthiness of your website.

Below are some of the RSS Feed Submission websites, which helps to improve the ranking of your website: