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What is Social Bookmarking?

Social bookmarking allows us to manage, organize and store the information on the web. Most of the users use these sites to save their webpage links. Other users can also view your bookmarks as these bookmarks are generally public.

The benefit of social bookmarking is that we can access our bookmarks from anywhere and anytime. But remember we need an internet connection for that to access.

It also allows us to perform modifications like add, edit, and share bookmarks of WebPages. Search engines treat these web pages as high-quality backlinks that we bookmark on these websites.

And you already know that good quality backlinks helps us to increase traffic and page rank as well. That’s the main reason SEO experts uses social bookmarking sites in their SEO practices.

These websites allow users whether they want to keep their bookmarks public or private. We can also treat these websites as social search engines. We can browse and find important web pages. It allows to vote and comment on the pages you like. Thus, it makes easier for others to see which article is most important.

What are the Benefits of Social Bookmarking?

Social Bookmarking creates brand awareness

If you launch a new website, it may be impossible that someone will search your website on their own. In this case, you can create an account on social bookmarking sites. As it makes easier for your customers to find your products or services.

If you publish content regularly on these websites, you will increase your website’s visibility. Therefore, more and more users will explore your website which consequently increases ROI and brand awareness.

Social Bookmarking can promote the content

The most effective way to promote your content is by using social media. But you can also promote your website on social bookmarking sites. It also helps to attract the target users and promote our business products or services etc.

By publishing content frequently on these sites, you are building a strong business network. It also helps you to drive more traffic, especially the targeted traffic.

It requires a lot of efforts than other social media websites. You have to bookmark all the web pages by adding URLs, description and tags etc. This will help you to boost your SEO.

Search Engine fastly index your content

When you begin promoting your content on these sites, you will see the numbers of visitors are increasing.

This is because bots regularly crawl high authority social bookmarking sites. When they see your links on these websites, they quickly get to know about new content on your site. Therefore, it leads to faster indexing of our webpage.

Instant indexing of website also makes your website user-friendly which consequently improves user experience. Thus, it generates more profits also

Social Bookmarking drive targeted traffic

The benefits of using social bookmarking sites are you can search the content based on tag or keyword. For example, if you are interested in “Technology” you can simply write the word. It will show you the lists.

It is also useful from the SEO perspective. You can add more keywords or tags to your link. When the users find the content based on keywords or tags, it will display the lists. And your links also appear on the list.

If the user likes and finds your content more useful, they can share it with others. Therefore, it helps you to drive more referral traffic.

Social Bookmarking can generate leads

Now you all know that the social bookmarking site is a wonderful place to promote your articles or business.

One of the most important parts of any business is to generate leads. This platform will help you to generate leads. As you all know that people always search for new content on the net to upgrade themselves.

Moreover, these websites enable you to engage with your consumers. A successful lead ultimately converts a customer into revenue-generating consumers which consequently increases your company’ sales.

Social Bookmarking can provide more subscribers

If you are daily posting fascinating stuff on these websites, you will drive good traffic to your website. Apart from traffic, it helps you to get more subscribers.

If the users find your content more significant, they will subscribe to your blog. Therefore, it helps you to generate more traffic.

When you frequently publish catchy content, your link starts getting more visibility. It helps to build trust in your reader’s eyes and also increases your brand allegiance.

Social Bookmarking generate good quality backlinks

You already know about many benefits the social bookmarking website is providing.  Another advantage of using these websites as it helps you to make high-quality backlinks from high authority pages.

Backlinks are significant for SEO. It helps to increase domain authority, page authority and traffic as well.  To earn high-quality backlinks, use social bookmarking websites which further increase your website’s ranking in SERPs.

It can increase domain authority

Domain authority plays a crucial role in SEO. But building good domain authority of a website is not a simple task. There are many factors which affect the domain authority. Factors like the website’s loading speed, the number of quality backlinks, user experience, traffic etc.

Even major search engines like Google give much importance to these websites. To increase your domain authority, submit your links on high domain websites. Thereby, helps you to get quality backlinks as well.

To check out your website’s domain authority, you can use free tools which are available on the net. You can use Moz and ahrefs etc. to checkout domain authority, page authority, web age, traffic flow etc.

Social Bookmarking build robust Social Signals

Social Signals like “likes and shares” also plays an important role in SEO. When your users find your content more useful and important to them, they will like it and share it. As a result, it leads to generate huge traffic, builds reputation and increases the reliability of your website.

Moreover, major search engines like Google uses the data from social media websites to determine your site’s ranking. And if your content receives likes and shares in huge amount, you will get more referral traffic.  It also increases your authority which improves your ranking on SERPs (Search Engine Result Page).

Helps to increase Page Rank

It is also one of the most important factors in SEO. To increase page rank, you have to combine all of the factors such as domain authority, the ranking of keywords etc.

Try to find those social bookmarking websites which provide do-follow links. When you successfully bookmark your link on those websites, they will pass ranking power to your website. This helps to increase your website’s page rank.